What is Silver colloidal (SC)?


Colloidal silver is a form of natural antibiotic/antiseptic that eliminates not only bacteria but also about 650 viruses or microbes from different diseases. Before 1938, there were no antibiotics on the market.  At that time, people were treating themselves with silver in a colloidal form.

The new procedure to make colloidal silver is a principle of electrolysis from a current on the electrodes (anode and cathode) in a liquid in order to transfer the current. In this specific case, the liquid used is distilled water. The effect of the current, subject to the electrodes, the silver ions are dispersed in distilled water which increases the conductivity of water and, by that very fact, the speed of reaction. Ions have a positive charge (+) and that pushes each other to support themselves so they can remain suspended in their medium (water).

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No known side effects


Silver colloidal can be taken orally, can be administered by nasal spray (drops in the eyes and ears), can be inhaled through a <nébulizer> and can be injected intramuscularly or by way  of intravenous; so it is harmless! THERE IS NO KNOWN SIDE EFFECT UNTIL NOW and can be taken with other medicines. An interesting fact is that colloidal silver does not interfere at all with any other medication or stomach problems. In fact, it is quite the contrary since it acts as an agent to aid digestion. In addition, it STRENGHTHENS the immune system!

Synthetic antibiotics prescribed and sold on the market are only effective for certain bacteria or fungi (about a dozen bacteria only), but do not act against viruses. It is worth knowing that no pathogen known can live in the presence of the chemical element of silver colloidal as it will be eliminated. REF: Dr. Bob Beck Protocol

Silver colloidal also has properties and veterinary uses.  So, if you have a garden, it can be used to attack bacteria, virusses and is efficient against fungi.

Food supplement and non toxic mineral

The Center for Protection of the Environment Agency of Poison Control (USA) reported that there is no toxic agent on any list of protection for silver colloidal, which makes it very safe for children and adults as well as for animals. Our blood is a colloid as such and the body has a vital need for this mineral to maintain it's immune system.


It is an excellent tonic food. It prevents, moreover, food poisoning, inflammation, gastrointestinal and genital infections. It is also good for people suffering from athlete's foot, plantar warts, infections caused by fungi, dandruff of the scalp, psoriasis, skin rashes, etc.. It prevents the growth of staphylococcus, responsible for food poisoning. It neutralizes the dental decay and curb bad breath while eliminating bacteria embedded deep in the throat and below the tongue, at the rear.

Who uses Colloidal Silver?

Physicians use this mineral in 70% of the major burn centers in Canada and the United States while airlines such as British Airways, Swissair, Scandinavian Airlines, Lufthansa, Olympic, Air France, Canadian Pacific Airlines, Alitalia, KLM, Japan Airlines and Pan Am all use the water filters to purify water in aircrafts. In the space shuttle, the NASA and Soviets use the water purification system from colloidal silver. Doctors report that, even if it is ingested, it works against syphilis, cholera, malaria, diabetes and severe burns.

We can therefore assume that Colloidal Silver can undoubtedly improve your health and the health of your family in hundreds of ways.